Sunday, July 29, 2007

Note on the Author

So I would like to take the second to last post to say something about the person who founded this blog site.

First off she supportive. If i am anything but chipper she is interested.

Second she is progressive. She leads the way in supporting women's rights for safety, faith, and self care.

Third she is artistic. She can pick a medium and succeed in it. So much to express and so valiant in expression.

My friend is a wonderful person to know. I want to thank her for her dedication in supporting this blog even though she was feeling ill. It was an honor to help out.

back for the last in 30min.

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Rachel said...

I'm saying goodnight a little early, but I should be back to read your last post... but as soon as I read them all I'm going to bed.. so I'd like to say now, thanks for participating, I had a blast being your monitor and hope to see you again next year!